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How Relationships Change When People Lose Weight

Losing weight, no matter if it is through a bariatric weight loss program or another method, changes the dynamics of relationships. Spouses, lovers, friends and other family members will notice the change. Individually, people will respond to the weight loss in different ways. Most will be thrilled with your newfound health. Others may be jealous of the results. Good or bad, it is up to you to learn to overcome challenges and to embrace a new life...  READ MORE

Tips for Explaining Bariatric Surgery to Others

Once you've decided to go ahead and get bariatric surgery, you'll find yourself in the potentially tricky position of having to explain your decision to others. Obviously, you've probably talked over your decision with close family members and friends, but others may be surprised to learn that you will be undergoing surgery or confused about why you would choose bariatric surgery. Particularly because of societal stigmas, this can be a tricky topic. Here are some tips and talking points for you to use when discussing your decision to get bariatric surgery.....  READ MORE

What Foods Can You Eat After Bariatric Surgery?

Choosing to go through with bariatric surgery is a major decision. For many people, it is the only way they can save themselves from a lifetime of morbid obesity and the medical problems it causes. Every person who debates whether the process is right for them winds up with many questions along the way. However, one of the most common questions that comes up time and time again is: “What can a person who undergoes bariatric surgery eat, after the process is complete?”........  READ MORE

Bariatric Procedures and Life After Surgery

Bariatric procedures, which are also called weight loss surgeries, are designed to help reduce weight when suffering from obesity. The surgery is for those who are obese and is not appropriate for those who want to lose a small amount of weight. Learning about the procedure and life after surgery can help determine the best weight loss solution for individual situations.....  READ MORE

Feeling Beautiful Before, During and After Weight Loss

People decide to lose weight for many reasons. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to good health and longevity. Losing weight can also boost your self esteem. After all, our society equates slender bodies with beauty. Whatever your personal reasons for trying to lose weight, however, it is important to remember that there is so much more to beauty than body size. Here are some ways to feel beautiful before, during and after weight loss.....  READ MORE

Risks of Being Obese

If you are currently overweight or obese, you have more to worry about than your appearance. Your health is in jeopardy if you are in the obese category, as it increases the risk of developing certain medical conditions. Some obesity-related medical conditions include type-2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, osteoarthritis, pregnancy complications, and many others. Making the decision to lose weight is crucial in order to avoid the following serious risks of being obese.....  READ MORE

Panniculectomy after Weight Loss Surgery

Losing weight is often a long and arduous process that improves your physical health and wellbeing, among many other benefits. If you have successfully lost weight, you'll feel that overwhelming sense of achievement, but you may also be frustrated with the loose skin that is associated with losing a large amount of weight in a short amount of time. If this is true for you, panniculectomy is an option as it will remove some of that extra skin through a unique body contouring procedure.....  READ MORE

What are the Different Types of Bariatric Surgery?

Although eating a healthy diet and engaging in consistent exercise are traditional methods for weight loss that allow many people to lose massive amounts of weight, not everyone experiences success with this method. Bariatric surgery, which is also referred to as weight loss surgery, is a surgical procedure that offers hope for individuals who are significantly overweight and have been unable to lose weight through more traditional methods. Find out more about the most common types of bariatric surgery and how they work to produce dramatic weight loss results.  READ MORE

Social Support Systems and Bariatric Surgery

Many patients find the months following a bariatric surgery procedure to be a very difficult time. Getting strong support from your friends and family can make a huge difference in your experience. By setting the proper expectations for yourself and your key social circles you can prepare for the big changes created by bariatric surgery and maximize your health and weight loss success. After bariatric surgery, you will find that you have to adjust to a vastly different diet and routine  READ MORE

Menu Ideas for Your First Week After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery drastically changes what you will be able to eat for the following months, and it's important to strictly follow your doctor's guidelines for how long to stay on each stage of the menu plan. Your doctor will carefully regulate what you eat and drink during your stay at the hospital, but once you head home, it's up to you to stick to the plan. Follow these menu ideas to stay satisfied and healthy as you recover from surgery. You'll have to get creative as you stick to a liquid-only diet for your first week, and depending on the type of bariatric surgery you get, your doctor may restrict you to thinner liquids for the first part of your week.  READ MORE

Physical and Mental Preparation for Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is more than just a medical procedure — it's a complete and total lifestyle change for the patients who have the surgery. Once a patient decides that bariatric surgery is the next best step for them in their quest for a healthier body and lifestyle, it is time to begin to prepare for this procedure. In addition to physical preparations to get a patient ready for surgery, there is also mental preparation to be done as well.  READ MORE

A Caretaker's Guide to Bariatric Surgery

While bariatric surgery can be a difficult and trying time for the patient, it is also a challenging time for that person's caregiver. There are many things that a caretaker must keep in mind while tending to a bariatric surgery patient, and the following tips will help any caretaker get through the weeks  READ MORE

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